Sabtu, 26 November 2011


Gemini Love Horoscope says that it is a pleasure to be in love with these people. It is believed that getting into a relationship is very easy with a Gemini. A Gemini may give up all for the passion for love. A person who falls under the zodiac sign Gemini has a spiritual yet mysterious nature. This nature of a Gemini will get others attracted to them.

Relation with Gemini is different. You have to handle things accordingly. With a Gemini you might think that love is always in the air. Further you would like to dramatize things. But you have to be very practical. The relationship should be simple and easy. The Gemini partner should always be entertained. Once they are bored they might lose interest in the relationship. They have high power of imagination. Gemini Love Horoscope says that you have to keep up the speed of a Gemini partner. People who are under the zodiac sign Gemini they have a different level of intellect. You have to be a very good talker and speaker if you are in love with a geminine. You should also have interest in different field to make the relation more stable. They have an interest in good clothes. So if you have to impress them, you have to wear good clothes.

A Gemini can read up secrets well. So you got to be a little careful. They have a tendency to get married several times. But the late marriages tend to be more successful than the others.

Here is detailed discussion on 2011 Gemini horoscope:

  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Lucky number: 5, 14, 23, 32, 41, and 50
  • Stones for Gemini 2011: Topaz, Emerald, and Agate
  • Lucky colors: Orange, Lemon, Yellow
  • Lucky talisman: Quick Silver
  • Gemini compatibility: Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini itself are most compatible sun signs with Gemini. And cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn are least compatible with Gemini.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Gemini is known for their indecisive nature. Just like other areas, love life too is full of confusions. There are ups and downs in the personal front especially because of this nature. Major change is however, expected to take place in between January to June this year. With love come problems. Gemini too isn’t spared. The best way to stay away from such problems is to be sure of your decision. You also need to be more fun loving and appreciate the best things. This will also help you to improve your relation with your spouse or loved one. You should spend more time with your dear one to understand the issues and solve them tactfully.

Gemini has several reasons to smile. Goddesses of love and passion indicate a fresh start in relationship. Old relations may end giving way to new ties. Someone special is expected to enter your life. Close relations are going to take place. You can look forward to a stable relationship rather than expecting more out of your love life. Being proactive will help you nurture your love life. Someone will have a strong impact on you. To make the appropriate decision however, listen to your heart. Being imaginative is fun though putting them into reality is the challenge that you will face. Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio are the best match for Taurus. Other zodiac signs like Taurus, Leo, Aries and Libra are not really compatible. Love horoscope predicts a great love life to Gemini.

A male Gemini
A Gemini partner will also protect you. The sense of security is very high in them. A Gemini never says no to help. So, wherever there is trouble a Gemini will be there to help you out. Gemini Love Horoscope indicates that a secret affair is not their cup of tea. This superficial feeling does not work with a Gemini. So don’t even try it with them.

A female Gemini
Gemini Love Horoscope tells us that a female Gemini is very unpredictable. At time they take love as a game. But with age she matures and love gets serious with her. She can surprise you by being the best when in love. She is romantic, charming, intelligent and sentimental. She will never let you get bored. She in creative and her imagination for love is as bright as a star. A female Gemini will have mood swings very often. If you are in love with her then you have to constantly remind her of her responsibilities.

Gemini and the features
Let us focus on the different features of a Gemini.

Positive features of a Gemini include:
  • Youthful
  • Eloquent
  • Adaptable
  • Communicative
  • Versatile
  • Witty
  • Intellectual
  • Lively

The negative traits of a Gemini include: 
  • Inquisitive
  • Tense
  • Superficial
  • Cunning
  • Inconsistent
  • Nervous

People who are born between 22 May and 21 June belong to the zodiac sign of Gemini. Few things a Gemini likes are: novelty, talking, variety, multi tasking. The things they dislike are: to be left alone, conventional learning, the feeling of tied down. Five is their lucky number and yellow is the lucky color. The lucky flower for Gemini is Lily. In gemstones Jade, Aquamarine and Topaz are lucky for them. Finally Wednesday is their lucky day.

Love prediction for 2011
There will be ups and downs in your love life in the year 2011. So you got to be very careful. You will be active in your relationship in this year. At times it might disturb you. After the month of May you are likely to make friends. You will have good fun with your new friends around. As a piece of advice for 2011 you should just be yourself and the relationship would fall in place. All martial cases will be on a positive side. Try to not create controversies in your relation.

Gemini’s best match
The zodiac signs which are the most compatible with Gemini are Libra and Aquarius. The mutual respect and love is there to share. With Sagittarius a Gemini will be great friends or repel like two different poles.

A Gemini might get along with another Gemini very easily. But the love and affection will not last for long. The attraction is just temporary. The relation will be messy.

A Leo is noble and generous. But when it comes to a relation with a Gemini then a Leo might become a puppet in the hands of a Gemini. But it will be an ideal relation to hold on.

A couple with Gemini and Virgo will be a happy couple. The marriage will last too. Though, a Virgo will always think a Gemini to be immature. If a Scorpio and a Gemini are happy together then it is rare. At the initial stage they have only physical attraction between them. A Scorpio will be jealous a Gemini will be unfaithful. Hence this couple may not rock.

However a Gemini will have a wonderful relation with an Aquarius or with Libra. The mutual respect and love will make them happy. Gemini will be an extremely creative person and you too have to be an extremely creative person to match the intellect. If your partner who is a Gemini thinks you to be low in intellect then the relationship might get a little bitter. On the other hand a Gemini will be fun to be around. The relation will be such that you will cherish it life long. 
Gemini Relationship Horoscope

When it comes to love and relationships, Gemini people will get full support from their partner during the first half of the year. This year is good for you to travel with your loved ones. After May, there are chances of misunderstandings between you and your partner, but you have to keep your ego down in maintain peace. Listen to your partner's opinions and respect them. Love will be smooth for all Gemini people if you handle all affairs with peace and love. Saturn will try to disturb your mind but you have to keep your cool on your senses.

Career Horoscope

A Gemini person is always a good inventor. Public relations, journalism, art, writing, psychology, sales and any fields related to science are the perfect place for Geminians. This year, you will be totally attentive to your professional career, which will bring success and fame; provided you keep your personal things away from your career. Gemini businessmen should be alert before making any credit. Those who are involved in machinery and social services, should avoid any hasty decisions. This year will teach you how to manage your finance affairs tactfully.

Health Horoscope

According to 2011 Gemini horoscope, Geminians will keep overall good health throughout this year. Gemini rules upper limbs and lungs. Since geminians are hyperactive, they should eat balanced food regularly. More mental tensions compared to health issues for Geminians this year. There is no such major health issue in 2011 and even if some minor issues take place during the second half of the year, they will be easily curable.

Travel Horoscope

Those Geminians who love travelling, this year may prove beneficial for them, as 2011 have major travelling chances with business benefits. June to November 2011- is the ideal time for traveling. Visa related issues may get over-complicated after April. While traveling, make sure not to carry checkbook in your pocket.

2011 Gemini predictions have clear indications not to surrender to tensions, since mental tensions can ruin both professional and personal life of Geminians. Otherwise, this year is good and beneficial for all Geminians.